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CenterPoint Strategic Business Services

Contact: Adam Cubbage
Cell Phone: 240-772-6400 Work Phone: 301-969-1540
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Biographical Info

Adam Cubbage is an elite Management Consultant who helps business leaders and entrepreneurs quickly and consistently grow their company’s Revenues by 30%- 125% and increase their Net Profits by 15%-25% (on average). After spending a decade touring the world with the Army and honing his leadership and problem solving abilities, he jumped over to the private sector where he spent nearly another decade in business development learning the dark arts of influence in sales and marketing, , Adam knows first-hand what makes companies successful and drives growth. After bringing in $50M+ for some Fortune 1000 companies he shifted his focus to small &-mid-sized businesses, where he’s brought the same revenue and profit increases to the heart of the economy. It’s here where Adam figured out what works and what doesn’t. Business principles don’t change; business trends do. And teaching business leaders this strategy is Adam’s mission. A Certified Management Consultant (CMC), an Accredited Small Business Consultant (AASBC), certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with two Masters Degrees (MBA & MPM), Adam has been interviewed by Mike Smerconish, has appeared on several podcasts and his articles have been widely circulated. When he’s not living out his passion helping business leaders, he can be found just outside of Frederick, Maryland living his dream with his soulmate/wife and two awesome boys.

Mr. Cubbage is an amazing strategic thinker. He is one of the few people that can seamlessly blend the three business development horizons into one cogent plan of action. He possesses a deep and thorough expertise in understanding the Federal procurement process, knows how to get and analyze competitive market intelligence, effortlessly forms teams, and has a gift for the internal management of resources. These talents and skills allow him to align teams to develop unique, complete, and uncomplicated solutions that are differentiated from the competition and result in key wins.

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