Why is the battery life of your smartphone so bad? It’s because you’ve been charging it wrong

It’s one of life’s greatest technological mysteries: our smartphones are lighter, more powerful and better equipped in terms of both software and specs than ever before, so why is that our phones die when we need them most?

Even with the the very latest top of the range devices, most of us are lucky if the battery on our smartphone makes it through an entire day without needing to be recharged.

Well according a site from battery company Cadex, called Battery University, it’s your own fault the battery life of your smartphone sucks.

Battery University claims that many of us have been charging our phones incorrectly this whole time.

You, like many people, probably leave your phone plugged in and charging all night, thinking that charging it in small bursts throughout the day will lead to you damaging the battery.

However, you couldn’t be more wrong.

According to the experts, leaving your phone plugged in all night when it is fully charged could actually do it long term damage. Read all about it at Thaivisa.com